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Save Hookah in San Diego

Save Hookah in San Diego

The City of San Diego, CA is considering an ordinance to ban the sale of all flavored tobacco products and devices. Considering that shisha, the product used in hookah, is by its very nature is flavored, this ordinance would result in an all-out ban on all hookah in...

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Save L.A. Hookah

Save L.A. Hookah

Hookah is a centuries-old cultural tradition that is actively practiced by many Arabs, Persians, Armenians, Turks, and Indians in the community. All Hookah tobacco is flavored so a ban on flavored tobacco is a FULL BAN on hookahs.

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Hookah Facts

Hookah is a centuries old cultural and social ritual, originating in the Middle East and India where it was used in hospitality and openness and bring people together.


Hookah (also known as waterpipe tobacco, shisha, nargile, or argile)

is a mixture containing between 15-20% tobacco only. The rest of the components are molasses or corn syrup and food-grade flavoring.

Many manufacturers use a variety of tobacco

which is naturally low in nicotine.

Hookah cannot be repurposed

into cigarettes or used in a vape “pod” or any other device besides a hookah waterpipe.

Hookah waterpipes

are up to three feet tall and cannot be easily transported or concealed. They compose of a metal stem held by rubber grommet into a glass vas that holds the water.

Supported by people all over the country.


of Americans who use Hookah do so no more than once per month.


of teens used hookah in the last 30 days, 10 times less than the number of teen vapers.

Hookah is for adults 21+ only. Sales to minors is prohibited.